Monitoring and tracking can reduce water costs by over 20% while increasing NOI and equity value

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Seniors Housing Business

Recording of January 27

Seniors Housing Business Webinar

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Webinar on Senior Housing

Host Dave Duckwitz, CEO of Sensor Industries, conducts webinar.

The January 27 webinar "Increase Seniors Housing NOI & Equity Value with IoT Water-Leak Mitigation Technology," hosted by Seniors Housing Business and sponsored by Sensor Industries, covered how monitoring systems can cut down on the cost of water, avoid wasting resources and alert staff in case of flooding.

In this brief webinar, host David Duckwitz, CEO of Sensor Industries, describes how network-connected toilet and flood sensors measure water activity and deliver actionable insights that cut expenses, increase net operating income (NOI) and mitigate risk.

Water inefficiencies, leaks and flooding can significantly drive up the costs of seniors housing facilities. Monitoring systems and flood sensors provide an NOI solution that doesn’t require active involvement from seniors housing residents but can alert staff to both immediate and long-term concerns.

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Sensor Industries

The webinar is sponsored by Sensor Industries, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company bringing new operational efficiency, increased net operating income and water and energy conservation to owners and residents of multifamily and seniors housing communities. To learn more about Sensor Industries visit,

Sensor Industries